My wife Adria and I, along with our children Kennedy and Emmett, call Ward 1 our home. I spent much of my life in Northwest Arkansas and have lived in Ward 1 since 2016. I was born at the old Washington Regional on College Avenue and attended Farmington public schools where I spent my summers as a teenager helping at our family fireworks business, working construction or delivering pizzas. 


I received a degree in Business Administration from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro while working at the wellness center on campus. After graduating from college, I began working in real estate. First in Alabama where my wife attended college, and now in Fayetteville where we chose to make our home after she graduated. 


When we moved to Fayetteville, I had a difficult time finding a job and an affordable and safe rental for our family. Buying a house was out of the question. We are fortunate to have recently become first time homeowners. I am proud to have worked in the below $200,000 real estate market for much of my career to help others become first time homeowners. Young people and families who work in Fayetteville and want to make their home here are often cut out of both the buying and rental markets due to rising real estate prices. I believe in preserving what makes Fayetteville special, but, at the same time, recognizing our need to grow in a way to allow for more affordable housing across town. 


Fayetteville has excellent public schools, great local businesses and wonderful green space and parks. I’ve always admired the inclusive and welcoming attitude of many of the residents of Fayetteville, especially those who live in Ward 1. Affordable housing, economic development, environmental sustainability and that inclusiveness is how we achieve strong and healthy communities. These are the things I want to continue working toward if elected to the Fayetteville City Council. I ask that you vote for me to support a Healthy Ward 1. 

I Would Love Your Support!